Why Berkshire?

What makes Berkshire different from the competition?

The simple answer is EVERYTHING! Berkshire Hosiery is simply the finest made, best fitting and most glamorous hosiery available.

Berkshire Hosiery is made in the USA using the finest materials from all over the world. Many of Berkshire's processes are done by hand, not by machine like the competition.

Berkshire products are made to fit you. All Berkshire's styles conform to the shape of your legs giving you a natural look and amazing feel. Our larger sizes will do the same and fit better than any other brand. The competition simply makes “bigger sizes” while Berkshire constructs a totally different product designed to fit a larger woman.

We offer:

  • Hard to find styles and sizes, starting from 45kg up to 130+kg.
  • Pantyhose styles range from ultra sheer 7 denier to a durable 25 denier.
  • Large range of fashion pantyhose and tights.
  • Terrific range of great priced Shapewear.
  • A maternity range you will crave for during your months of pregnancy.

Browse our selection of hosiery and you’ll be thankful you’ve tried Berkshire - you have our word!