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When we first moved to Australia from our hometown of St. Paul, MN USA, we asked some of our friends "Down Under" what they thought we should bring with us that we couldn't buy in Australia. Their answer? Stockings. That's right, stockings! We honestly thought they were joking - after all, why can't you get good stocking in Australia?

So we ignored our friends' advice and arrived stocking-less and off we went to the shopping centres to purchase amongst other things, stockings. Interestingly, we could't seem to find a quality pair of stockings for the price we were used to back in the US. Some sagged, others were itchy, and others wouldn't even pull up all the way and we're not talking about the cheaps ones!

We decided, why not bring our original-home grown product to our new home? Over the years we have worked very hard to make our dream come true. We have designed a one stop online shop displaying a large range of quality stockings at a price unmatched at any shopping centre Australia wide.

Happy Shopping! 

Sara and Michal

The Hosiery Boutique